Prepare & Enrich

Confidential and Non-Denominational

Premarital counseling, coaching, and education are investments in couples’ futures; investments they shouldn’t risk to pass up.
This is marriage after all!
The course questions are based on each couple’s unique background and are tailored for the specific couple.
Couples feel accurately represented when taking their premarital assessment.

In addition, it can help the couple build confidence in their decision to move towards the next step in their relationship.

Prepare & Enrich provides excellent grounding.

Taking an assessment isn’t just another step in the wedding planning process; it’s an essential step to a thriving marriage.

thank you Tony

Preparing couples for marriage is important.

  • Understand your dynamics,
  • characters,
  • stresses,
  • strengths
  • growth areas.

Head into a lifelong relationship knowing when you will need support or when you are to be the support.

Read more about the Prepare and Enrich course of which Tony has qualified as a facilitator: Prepare and Enrich